Get Back to shape

We know you are down & you aren’t feeling so well about your body! No worries, you are doing great, your baby is here & everything will be fine, just be patient. The best way to get back in shape is with a combination of healthy eating and exercise. . 

PS: Don’t consider doing any exercise until at least 6 weeks after birth (12 weeks if you’ve had a caesarean).  

  • Start with some gentle 20-30 mins walking
  • Never skip breakfast & always aim for a high protein one. 
  • Aim for 20 squats per day, then 40, then 60, and keep going up!
  • Snack on fruits & vegetables! Your body needs them and they will make you full for longer
  • Do basic body weight sit-ups as much as you can .
  • Try to minimize eating out. 
  • Grill it, bake it, steam it, but don’t fry it! 
  • Avoid sweets as much as possible 

Consistency is the key. Don’t rush things, take it slowly to be able to maintain it, and ALWAYS remember to listen to your body!

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