Has it ever occurred to you that your child refuses to greet a particular person? Or refuses to be around them? You could say that maybe my child is just too shy to say “Hi” but, what if your child is not shy, but rather uncomfortable, what if there is another side to the story that you need to discover and solve or at least avoid 

According to the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood (NCCM), one out of ten children – of the age range 4-8 years old – is subjected to sexual harassment at least once throughout their lives. 

The truth is, Pedophilia has become a serious dilemma that we are fighting. It is not clear how it started, or the reasons behind it, all we know now that we need to protect our children, and YOU as a mommy need to know exactly what to do to prevent your child from going through such a horrible experience. 

Luckily, we are here to deliver the ultimate action plan for your child’s protection;

1. Teach them the concept of “consent”. 

Your child’s body belongs to her/him, no one can cross the limit and give them a hug or a kiss without them being happy about it. Don’t force your child to greet strangers just to come off as a friendly/out-going child, that way, you are leaving them with the impression that it is okay to be touched by strangers, otherwise, you will be called grumpy. If they don’t want to be touched, fine, let them be.

2. Educate them about the types of touches. 

See mum, your child comes across numerous encounters from the moment he/she leaves your warm embrace to the very moment they return. When you drop him/her off to their nursery, school, or whatever their everyday destination is, they are welcomed by a teacher, a nanny, maybe a bus driver or janitor. You need to teach them the difference between a good touch and a bad one.

3. Private parts 

You should let your child know about the severity of being touched in their private body parts. No one should ever touch your child’s private parts except for you and the family doctor under your close supervision. You should also educate them not to touch anyone’s private parts when asked to, or accept to see pictures and if any of this happens, they should inform an adult in their safety network straight away.

4. Safety Network 

Hold your child’s hand and teach them about the safety network of five. Every finger on their hand represents a trusted family member. Tell them that these are the people they can trust the most. If they ever feel scared, worried, or unsure, they are free to talk to a member of the safety network and tell them how they are feeling and why they are feeling so. For example: Thumb: Mommy Pointer: Grandma Index: Family doctor Middle: Teacher Pinky: Brother/sister

5. And finally, take care of your children. 

They are literally a piece of your heart that grew a pair of feet and decided to walk around. Always have them in your eyesight, talk to them, ask how their days went and who they met. In other words, leave no room for secrets. The enemy is all around us, however, with an intensive portion of caring and an open eye, you and your heartthrob can get past them safely.

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