How to do it all like a super one!

Whether it’s your first baby, or not, having a newborn is not an easy mission. You need to change your daily routine and acquire new skills to welcome the new guest. Time management is the most needed skill for you now. Whether you need it to balance between your new baby and his/her elder siblings, or between your baby and your work. 

We’re here today to offer you some tips that will help you obtain this skill.

1. Learn how to prioritize  

Prioritizing your tasks will definitely ease your life. Rank your tasks from the most to the least important. Don’t give them all the same importance because you will end up extremely anxious. If you have a crazy-busy day, try to filter your tasks and decide what can be postponed.

2. Ask for help

We know that you want to ensure that everything is perfectly done. But this will pressure you to the maximum. Learn to ask for help. Give your partner, mother, sister, or even friend some detailed tasks to do so you ensure they are well done.

3. Nourish yourself 

Getting back to your old shape may be a compulsive need now. However, it’s not healthy to go on a harsh diet in this phase. Avoid eating fats and sugar and try to eat and drink more vegetables, fruits, protein, liquids to give you the power you need to keep going. Don’t feel guilty if you pamper yourself with chocolates and burger, its okay.

4. Have time for yourself 

Try to steal two hours, at least, for yourself every two days. Wait until everybody is asleep and enjoy a quality time with yourself. Have a cup of coffee, watch your favorite show, or have a proper hot meal. This will reduce your anxiety and recharge your energy.

5. Seek professional help 

If you’re facing a problem that you and your partner can’t deal with, no matter how trivial it is, seek the help of a professional doctor. Don’t listen to those who say that mothers must “know it all” by nature. Surprisingly, no one knows it all! If you have feeding, sleeping, or any other issue with your baby don’t hesitate to call your pediatrician.


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