Your baby’ journey

It’s an indescribable feeling to watch part of your heart growing up in front of your eyes. We know that you wish you could understand their silent language so you can make them feel comfortable all the time. Therefore, we’re here to tell you what your baby needs in the first 2 years of his/her life.

0-3 months

It’s their first months in this big world. They need to feel your presence to know that they’re safe and loved. Make them know your voice by singing a song, reading a story, or even talking to them. Give your baby a gentle massage to make them familiar with your touch. Also, peek-a-boo game will be super fun for your baby now.

3-6 months

Now, you got to know each other more. Sleeping and feeding difficulties are less somehow. Your baby is not really scared of the big world anymore. Contrarily, they want to have more fun and listen to more sounds. They will interact with toys that make sounds. They may also start to use babbling to get your attention as they can recognize you now.

6-9 months

The fear of the world is gone and now the exploration phase starts. Your baby will start to act as a separate person, yet they still need to feel your presence. They will sit up on their own, try to crawl, and stand while holding onto something. Now, they need to strengthen their senses via giving them things to look at, touch, and play with safely.


Your baby will start to move around a bit as a part of his exploration journey. Make sure you keep a safe enviroment around them. They will start to put sounds together to form a word. Talk to them more and use pointing to tell them the names of the things around you. Colored toys, picture books, and big cubes will be perfect for them.

12-18 months

Now, your toddler can walk alone, try to kick a ball, and run but falls. His movement is much better now. Therefore, they need a safe space to get their energy out. They will also be able to say few understandable words and draw simple lines on papers. They will also pick a favorite song and dance with it. Thus, expanding your playing time with them is all what they need. Also, their understanding of feelings will be clear and they will know what sad and happy mean.

18-24 months

Your child’s personality will become clearer. They’ll witness new and complex emotions, such as anger, excitement, and guilt. These emotions might cause them some frustration. Therefore, you have to be patient with them and help them absorb and express these emotions positively. They will also start developing social relationships with family members, however, they might be a bit shy. Their playing will contain a lot of talking, role plays, and imagination.